Welcome to S S Techserv.com
Welcome to SS Techserv

At SS TechServ we provide software solutions and services to businesses spread across industry segments, with core competence in the areas of Enterprise Solutions Services from IT infrastructure management, ERP- SAP deployment and managing, Tailor made software development and Web Enabled Solutions)

SS TechServ has offices in India with partners in US, Singapore, Finland and Dubai, who are strong enough to meet the expectations of local customers in their region.
This will give high quality solution and significant cost-savings to international customers.

Our integrated on-site/offshore model helps us rapidly deliver high quality, cost-effective solutions for the enterprise. We have been able to draw towards us, highly skilled, english-speaking IT professionals found in India, through our development centers in Chennai. We are able to help our customers reduce their IT spending by taking projects offshore, thereby offering significantly lower costs as compared to on-shore. With high speed internet connection we can provide such solutions.


The People, Process and Delivery, our PPD, will give utmost comfort to the customer. Our team includes a software developer, business consultant, SAP consultant and a team of qualified Software Engineers with great experience in development from MS Products, NET and latest Web Technologies.

We want our People, Process and Delivery for long-term relationships with our customer which is the only solution for the smooth running of business & get it going forward.